Difference between excuse and reason

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Difference between excuse and reason
Angry quotes angry with himself when return to reason

Excuse and reason are words which explain the cause of something that happened, and their meanings overlap to some degree. You might have come across scenarios where you may have been told to stop giving excuses when in the real sense you were offering the reason for having or not having done something. These circumstances are often confusing since people sometimes find it difficult to see the difference between reasons and excuses. This article will examine each of these words so as to create a clear distinction of what they mean.

What is reason?

From the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “reason” is a cause or explanation for something. When you give a reason, you make an attempt to explain why you did or failed to do something. This word can also be utilized when talking about situations. Generally, a reason is objective, rational, and logical. It isn’t given with the aim of saving oneself but rather explaining the actual occurrence of a situation.

What is excuse?

“Excuse” is a word that is used to refer to an explanation used to defend or justify a fault. When you are giving an excuse, you try to put the blame on somebody else or on specific circumstances rather than being responsible and accountable for your actions. Most excuses are usually irrational and illogical arguments people use to avoid getting into trouble.

Difference between excuse and reason

Highlighting the difference between excuse and reason

“Reason” refers to an explanation you would give for why something is or isn’t how it’s supposed to be, with the involved party taking responsibility and accountability for their role in the situation. On the other hand, an excuse explains why something is as it is, with those involved putting the blame on other people or other things that are not a part of the situation of reference.From these definitions, it is clear that the difference in the two words in mainly in the aspect of accountability.

A summary of the difference

Reason Excuse
This refers to a cause or an explanation This is a justification for something
The objective is to explain and not justify The aim is to defend a fault
Reason assumes accountability for an action Excuse does not assume accountability for an action
Reason can be used both in negative and positive situations This is usually used in negative situations
Neutral term Has negative connotation
The fault is sincerely acknowledged and appreciated The blame is directed at someone else




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